Coach Registration

All coaches of the PGAYSA must read the following information. All forms at the links marked as *REQUIRED must be completed and saved in PDF format.

All Clearance documents must be merged into one PDF file for upload to the EPYSA Coach Registration system. Visit to combine all files.

(The Google Chrome browser, available at, includes a PDF Printer to save your certificates.)


New child protection laws have been enacted in Pennsylvania requiring our coaches and other volunteers to obtain clearances. Volunteers requiring clearances are those “acting in lieu of a parent” or having direct contact where they provide care, supervision, guidance or control of children or have routine interaction with children.

All adults 18 years and older applying for an unpaid position as a volunteer responsible for the welfare of a child and having direct contact with children, must have clearances that include:

PA Child Abuse History clearance *REQUIRED every 60 Months

PA State Police Criminal Clearance *REQUIRED every 60 Months

An FBI Criminal Background Check *Required only if you have not been a continuous resident of Pennsylvania for 10 years, use service code 1KG738

Volunteers not requiring an FBI check, and having been a continuous resident of PA for the last ten years, must swear or affirm in writing using the form HERE, that they have no other convictions that would disqualify them. *REQUIRED

Upon completing the clearances and being accepted as a coach of the PGAYSA,

you must also follow the additional steps below.

COACH Registration *REQUIRED Yearly

*REQUIRED - After registering, Follow the following steps to complete required Concussion and Abuse Prevention training and upload your other Clearances.

  • Visit your Profile Page HERE - (Click Member Login at the top left) to complete
  • On your account page, you should see your profile information as a parent. Under your name, you will see where you will be uploading your documents.
  • For all your PA Clearances and the Affidavit of Compliance, you will upload all of those in the “Safety/Additional Certification” section. Please note that all your documents must be uploaded as ​1 single document​. You must merge them all together into ​1 single document​. If you are unable to merge your PDFs using your computer software, there are different free sites that can merge documents for you. ​( is one example). Please feel free to find a service that best suits your needs.
  • You must upload a head shot image to be used for your coaching pass. Please upload that image in your profile section.
  • You must complete a “Concussion Training Certification.” You can access and complete this certification by clicking on the “Learn More” button on your profile page. Please know that this online certification will take about 30 minutes to complete. Your certificate should automatically upload, but please make sure you download it and save a copy.
  • You must complete your “Abuse Training” certification. You can access and complete this certification by clicking on the “Begin Training” button on your profile page. This training will take between 1 ½ - 2 hours. Your certificate should automatically upload, but please make sure you download it and save a copy.

Coaches cannot be added to Team Roster until all training and clearances are complete and uploaded.

  • Clearances are required prior to the commencement of service.
  • Volunteers between the ages of 14-17 are NOT required to have clearances. Adults (18 and up) who only volunteer one time, are NOT required to have clearances.
  • Each organization must keep records of volunteer/employee clearances
  • All adults (Within the context of the new law) are “mandatory reporters.” Volunteers are not required to have child abuse training or certification, although it is recommended.
  • The clearances are good for 60 months. They are portable and may be used with other organizations.
  • Volunteers who do not reside in PA have a 30 day provisional status, so long as they provide clearances from the state or country where they reside. Longer than 30 days requires the clearances stated above.
  • At present, the Child Abuse History Clearance may take 14 days for volunteers. The State Police records check is, or should be, instantaneous. Please plan accordingly.

The best resource for additional information is

Additional Coach Information

Coaching Courses

For coaches wishing to further their soccer education, the "E" License is focused on delivering content and instructional methods relevant to coaching 9-12 year old soccer athletes in an 8v8 formation. The course is intended to be the initial license serving as a stepping-stone along the National Course Coaching Education pathway. More information regarding this course and upcoming schedules can be found at the following link:

Also, information regarding a mandatory coaching course for PGAYSA coaches will be coming soon. Please continue to check the web site often for updates.

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